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01 June 2016

The Statistical Process Control SPC is a set of statistical tools, which Nuova Framar uses to ensure its customers a product in conformity related to the expectations. The checks carried out at the plant, using equipment built specifically for each individual request, they are useful to identify and solve practical problems encountered in the production process. A turning point by Nuova Framar, which makes the difference, is to allow a constant monitoring of the production and the logging of the historical results.

Statistical Process Controls carried out through random sampling during series production of a certain product. Nuova Framar, company operating for nearly 50 years in the field of die-casting and construction of moulds, has chosen to enter new SPC processes to make automatic checks on the quality of production and provides a statistical overview of the trends.

Statistical Process Control SPC by video inspection, mechanical testing, ad hoc controls and 3D dimensional measurements executed in Nuova Framar. Checks carried out with customized equipment to meet certain specifications required by the customer.

Here are some historical manufacturers with which Nuova Framar has had to confront:  Miele & Cie. KG,  Maserati spa, Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.

To verify the gas-tightness of a piece commissioned by a client, Nuova Framar has developed a specific machine to test a sample for tightness. Acting this way, it was able to carry out a statistical control to provide a further guarantee to the customer.

The mechanical tests are another way to keep high the level of the quality and perform statistical controls in the production. If a client company requires to construct a piece that has to withstand a given state of stress, Nuova Framar realizes an ad hoc machinery to perform in random mode, specific mechanical tests to verify the strength of the piece and thus better meet the expectation of the customer.

The Statistical Process Control SPC also provides for the video inspection as further statistical verification of the production process. If a client company should require the verification of a particular or if there is a certain dimension to respect, a camera will be mount on the processing machine, which automatically recognize the size and the required characteristics. Even in this way, a statistical control of the result will be obtain.


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