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23 May 2016

One of the main challenges for Nuova Framar srl is to reduce the impact of activities on the environment and look to a sustainable growth of the organization. That is why by the end of 2017 the company situated in the province of Brescia and active in die-casting of zinc alloys (ZAMA) and construction of die casting molds, has chosen to get the international ISO 14001 standard, a management system recognized around the world, which provides a framework for environmental performance management.

The standard designed to help companies keep the value of the business and at the same time effectively manage environmental responsibility.

With the ISO 14001 standard, what benefits has Nuova Framar?

With the development and implementation of a solid environmental management, Nuova Framar, which deals with die-casting and mold construction, will get great benefits, such as waste reduction, energy efficiency and savings in economic terms.

With an effective system for the company already certified ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 9001: 2008, it will be possible to meet the increasingly high expectations of customers in terms of corporate social responsibility, to better meet the supply chain needs and optimize operations, with the consequent reduction of costs.

The ISO 14001 standard (translated into Italian in the UNI EN ISO 14001) is a certifiable standard, or Nuova Framar can get it from an accredited certification body that operates within certain rules, certificates of compliance with the requirements contained therein. Certification to ISO 14001 is not mandatory, but it is the voluntary choice of Nuova Framar, which decided to establish, implement and maintain and improve an environmental management system.

The ISO 14001 certification that Nuova Framar wants to achieve by the end of 2017, does not attest a particular environmental performance, nor proves a very low impact. Rather demonstrates the company in Brescia commitment to the environment certifying with an appropriate management system to monitor the environmental impacts of its activities seeking systematically to improve in a consistent, effective and above all sustainable. The ISO 14001 is not a product certification, but a certification that Nuova Framar wants to get to highlight ethics that exists inside the die-casting company based in San Giovanni di Polaveno, province of Brescia.


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