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Production of zamak applications for die-casting


Thanks to its varied selection of machinery, the company can cover a number of sectors where zamak is used. We build and assemble some 60 pieces of equipment consisting of die-casting moulds, machining equipment and burr-shearing moulds, as well as conducting maintenance on the more than 1,000 units we already have.

Design and co-design

Nuova Framar has two design studios with the latest software to quickly provide projects for leading-edge equipment.

Read Zamak Die-Casting

Department fitted with small and medium tonnage machinery with hot chamber and fully automated.

Read Equipment manufacturing and equipment moulds

With this department we can make all the equipment the company needs in-house.

Read The other machining processes

To ensure a complete product we have always been equipped to do deburring operations on pieces in-house.

Manufacturing sectors car
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