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28 April 2016

One of the major business assurance organization in the world guarantees the quality of the production processes carried out by Nuova Framar, a company that is active in the die casting of zinc alloys (ZAMA) and construction of die casting moulds


Nuova Framar is an ideal and flexible partner able to meet the highest technical and quality requirements of each product, while maintaining at optimum level the value for money.


The die-casting company situated at San Giovanni Polaveno in the province of Brescia, working in compliance with the highest quality standards and is compliant with ISO 9001 and in particular to the specific ISO / TS 16949, requested and appreciated in the automotive industry.

In fact, the manufacturers of the two and four-wheeled road vehicles have to cope severe pressure from the market, which puts them increasingly difficult challenges. They, and all the other industries, must therefore be able to count on reliable suppliers capable of maintaining internal processes under control, able to understand the specific needs of customers and be prepared to improve its offer. Having a certified quality control system is an important competitive advantage for any supplier company.

ISO / TS 16949 offers to the companies all the credentials needed to maintain and increase its customer base by working with producers from all over the world. The certificate is valid for three years, subject to an annual review usually that aims to reconfirm the validity of the certificate. On expiry of the three-year certification, it may be renewed.

All this results in a total respect of customer needs, understanding of the technical requirements, use of standard regulations and globally recognized, in addition for having complete control over the business processes, assessing the performance and intervening in an effective and rapid timescales for resolve any issues that might compromise the characteristics of the final product.



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