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23 June 2016

Nuova Framar commissioned the branding and graphic design agency Dexanet for the creation of a new brochure in Italian language, and then translated into English and German to satisfy the company's foreign customers that it already active for nearly 50 years in the field of casting and production of moulds.

Nuova Framar characterized by flexibility and speed, for the use of certified primary alloys, but also for close partnerships with important European companies and for supplying today 48 market sectors.

THE ART OF DIE-CASTING ZINK is the title of the new brochure, which demonstrates and presents the company to the customers during trade fairs and exhibitions, telling the story of the company active since 1969 in the field of die-casting and manufacturing of moulds. Today Nuova Framar a reality with a strong international flavor, exporting 50% of its production to EU countries.

Maximum automation (robot and trance on line) and the latest generation presses, combined with an integrated quality management system, raise up the level of productivity and competitiveness. More than 300.000 pieces produced daily and 1.200 tons of raw material processed annually.

Thanks to the new brochure, Nuova Framar desires to update its customers about the recent improvements made in the company. A company l today boasts 10 hot chamber presses, with tonnage from 35 to 200 tons, which can satisfy all markets and all production requirements.

With more than 40 years of experience Nuova Framar gained a significant know-how in the engineering of parts and equipment, which permits to offer to the customer a complete service, accompanied with the highest quality level from the product design to the construction of the equipment, from the fusion with primary alloys certified to all additional processes required.

For checking the processes arising from melting to the printing, Nuova Framar uses the latest technologies to ensure the customer results always in line with his expectations. Among these, we will find the simulation of the die-casting, the FEM simulation and non-destructive testing of measurement by 3D and X-ray.

Updating its customers about new technologies and processes about the moulds production, highlighting the widespread use of zinc alloy in the automotive sector, is the reason why Nuova Framar did revise the new brochure and translate in three languages.


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