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23 March 2016

Nuova Framar Srl uses technologically advanced solutions to investigate and accomplish non-destructive tests on materials.

To perform this, the laboratory technicians have available an X-ray cabin able to view in real time the presence of porosities and defects within the material which could compromise the safety from the structural point of view. The industrial X-ray fluoroscopy cab, manufactured by the company Bosello from Cassano Magnago in the province of Varese, allows performing safe tests for the environment and for the employees.

The company keeps in particular in two aspects.

The X-ray verifies the presence of porosity and allows to prevent problems that may involve the anticipated rupture of a part, compromising functionality and, as mentioned, the safety.

Therefore, the breaking potential of the part can be avoid and in case of structural products, further studies can be executed on parts, which are interested of porosity, which can be a risk of breakage for the parts during use.

Thanks to the investigation carried out by X-ray, whether it is of a rough or a processed piece, you can find out any type of defect of the material under observation, which can be displayed and corrected by acting on the process parameters and moulding or even in the phase of the project.

The process of study and research to X-rays through the industrial radioscopy cabin, translates into a better service for the customer to which can assure a supply free of defective pieces.

The machinery to X-rays purchased from Nuova Framar can be used on any type of material, as the tests carried out in real time are using methods, which do not alter the material and do not require the destruction or removal of the structure in question.

In conclusion, immediate analysis allows it to perform in absolute safety all the necessary tests to ensure the customer a perfect result.



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